Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Beginning!

Yup, another food blog. But this one will probably not be different! I can pretty much guarantee that the writing will be mediocre at best (with lots of spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors).The last time I wrote something other than an email was a while ago and probably about something science-y, so just set any expectations you have very, very, very low. 

OK, so on to the writing...

A couple years ago I was with the (then boyfriend, now) husband browsing a local bookstore. It’s one of those cute, small independent ones that makes me feel superior whenever I buy something. This feeling of superiority is doubled anytime I buy something from the used section. Like, not only am I supporting a small, local business instead of some big online retailer (still love you Amazon!), but I am being green and saving money! On this visit, I wondered by the cookbook section. On the top shelf I could see a cool, old-timey looking book which upon further investigation turned out to actually be old, like a hundred years old! And it was less than $20. So I bought it.

The American Woman’s Cookbook by Ella M. Blackstone was published in 1910. It has hundreds of recipes and even included a couple index cards with handwritten recipes that someone had hidden among the pages. She also includes other tips and resources such as digestive times and table etiquette.

It didn't take me long to come up with the idea for this blog, but it did take me 2 years to finally sit down and start it. You might be asking yourself, so what is this idea, and why have you made me read those 4 other paragraphs? Well the idea is that I will pick a recipe from the book, follow the instructions as closely as possible and then I will write about the results. If it turns out great then woohoo, go awesome 100 year old cookbook! But if (as I suspect) the recipe does not appeal to our modern palates then I will come up with a modern variation and share with all of you, my imaginary readers. I will not set any scary goals for myself like, getting through the whole book in a year, but I will try for weekly posts and include (more crappy) pictures of my results.

So that's the plan and let hope the words of wisdom on the first page are true!

"Just follow the recipes in this book and you'll be sure of the result."

Next Up: Curry Chicken

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